Pod Med Net - Membership

Membership is open to all podiatrists who are of good standing and are registered with the Podiatrist's Board of New Zealand. Network members enjoy discounted rates for PMPCPD Network educational events, and a range of other benefits. Non-members are welcome to attend but will pay the full fee for each educational event. If you are interested in applying for annual membership of the PMPCPD Network, please email us at contactpodmednet@gmail.com We will send you the Requirements and Benefits of Membership leaflet.

The membership year is one full calendar year, from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. There is an annual membership fee, please look at the events page for further details.

The CPD Network Education Committee is happy to consider requests for specific topics. The Network intends to facilitate a range of timely and relevant education and training events which are sensitive to the needs of 'real world' podiatric practice. It is hoped that these events, offered in a friendly and collegial environment, will help members to enjoy achieving their CPD aims, particularly in the context of the recertification programme of the Podiatrists' Board of NZ