Who we are, and what we do

Our Aims

  1. To facilitate, support and encourage podiatrists’ engagement with the Podiatrists Board of NZ recertification/CPD programme.
  2. To provide cost effective, relevant and timely CPD education and training.
  3. To provide an environment in which collegiality and participation are encouraged and supported.
  4. To help equip practitioners to effectively meet the ongoing opportunities and challenges that they face in their current and future podiatric practice.

The Network's underpinning philosophy is to seek to serve podiatrists in achieving their CPD requirements in an inclusive and collegial environment.

Our People, the Pod Med Net Council

Lea Whittington

PhD (Radiography), MSc, BSc (Hons), D.Pod.M, Postgraduate Certificate in Education, MPodMPN.
Diabetes & High Risk Specialist Podiatrist, (HRFS) MidCentral DHB. Previous experience: Senior podiatrist roles in the UK NHS. Has held several health management leadership and academic research roles. She has authored a number of articles and pens a short month column for a newspaper. A Masterclass speaker at the 2016 Podiatry NZ Conference. Invited to present to the 2016 NZSSD Conference, and was a plenary speaker and lead a workshop at the New Zealand Wound Care Society Conference in 2017. Has spoken on a variety of subjects in 2018 at various professional study days. Provides training on podiatry related matters for local community groups, and medical facilities, and has been a guest speaker on local radio. Special interest areas include: radiography/sonography, the at risk foot, diabetes, wound management, podiatric surgery, and pre-clinical sciences.

Tim Sander Q.S.M

Dip.Pod (N.Z), S.R.Pod, MPodMPN.
A practicing Podiatrist for 26 years, combining general practice, sports podiatry, orthoses manufacture. Previous Podiatrist for NZ Ballet, NZ triathlon Academy and part time clinical tutor at the NZ School of Podiatry, C.I.T. For the past 15 years, I have a special interest in the high risk diabetic foot, being a member of the NZ Wound Care Society and NZ Society of the study of Diabetes. In 2015 I was keynote speaker on the high risk foot at the Australasian Enrolled Nurses Conference, TePapa, Wellington. My current interest includes Education and Health and Safety of the clinician in practice. I am very pleased to be part of the P.M.P.C.P.D Network Council.

Gita Pragji

Diploma in Podiatry from CIT (NZ), Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation AUT University, Auckland (NZ), MPodMPN.
Previous experience: Over 33 years includes private practice, aged, dementia and domiciliary care, as well as mobile practice. Currently diabetes specialist podiatrist in public health. Co presenter of an offloading workshop at a NZ Wound Care Society Conference. Special interest in "the high risk foot", wound care, patient education, clinical psychology and preventative management of lower limb loss.

Diane Bradshaw

BSc (Hons) Podiatry, MPodMPN. Currently in private practice.
Trained in the UK. Has been a NZ registered podiatrist since 1999. Previous experience: Nursing Auxiliary at North Tees Health NHS Trust, part-time clinical tutor at the CIT Podiatry School, podiatrist at Hutt Hospital. Member of the Wound Care Society. Treasurer of the PMP CPD Network since its inception. Special interest in diabetes, the ‘at risk’ foot and wound management.

Kathy Hitchcox

National Diploma in Podiatry, Postgraduate Diploma in Podiatric Surgery, MPodMPN.
Has been practising podiatry in private practice in Wellington City for over 40 years. During her career she has taught practical podiatry at the CIT including having student placements in her practice for many years. Former Member of the NZ Podiatrists’ Board and former Chairperson. Currently on the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal. Interested in promoting high standards of podiatry practice and the improving the progression and development of our profession.

Trevor Tillotson

D.Pod.M, Tertiary Teaching Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma in Podiatric Surgery, FNZCPS, MPodMPN. Currently in private practice and is President and Fellow of the NZ College of Podiatric Surgery, a Health Practitioner Disciplinary Tribunal Member, and a Life Member of Podiatry New Zealand.
Previous experience: Lecturer on the CIT Podiatry Course, Former Chair of the Podiatrists’ Board of NZ. Has held numerous roles on undergraduate and postgraduate committees and professional development groups, and has an extensive and broad professional career as a podiatrist spanning over 40 years. Has regularly presented at podiatric conferences and events. Has spoken on foot health at many local interest groups, and on local radio. Special interest areas include: Podiatric surgery and sports biomechanics.

Cara Foothead

BSc Podiatric Medicine, National Diploma in Podiatry, MPodMPN. Currently in private practice.
Previous experience: Has been a registered podiatrist since 1987. Clinical tutor at the CIT Podiatry School, and has worked in Australia in private practice and for Veterans’ Affairs. Has completed six postgraduate Master’s level papers in Public Health (Rehab) and has extensive experience in general podiatric practice. Special interest areas include: The ‘at risk’ foot (particularly in diabetes mellitus), wound management, rehabilitation, radiography, business management and development, CPD and mentoring.

Terry Bradshaw

MSc Health Practice, BSc Podiatric Medicine, D.Pod.M, CertTeaching, DipMgtStudies, MPodMPN. Currently in private practice.
Previous experience: Senior Lecturer at the Department of Podiatry, CIT. District Podiatrist, Clinical Audit Co-ordinator, Health and Nurse Training Co- ordinator, Disability Services Manager and Clinical Development Manager at North Tees Health NHS Trust, UK. Formerly a registered nurse. Has been a registered podiatrist for 36+ years. Author of over 10 published papers in peer reviewed journals. A platform speaker at national and international conferences. Former Chair of the Podiatrists’ Board of NZ. Special interest areas include: The ‘At Risk’ Foot; the Ageing Foot; Organizational & Clinical Audit; Quality Management; Clinical Governance.